PNR Converter

for Galileo, Smartpoint, Worldspan, Amadeus & Sabre GDS

Who Are We?

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We are a small group of travel agents come web developers with one simple goal. To make life easier and more efficient for travel agents.

Our goal is to create beautiful, and more importantly, easy to use tools to help travel agents all over the world. We specialise in the personal touch with out websites, so if you send us a suggestion that we're able to implement, we will.

PNRconverter's Aim's founder, William, is a seasoned travel agent, working in the UK, New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong in various roles within the travel industry. He was amazed at the format that some agents we're sending quotes out to clients in and decided to do soemthing about it. Hence PNRconverter was born

While PNRconverter is currently widely used on every continent, We're aware that many of our users are using PNRconverter where internet connection is not as quick as it could be. We have developed PNRconverter with this in mind. All files sizes and code is written in an iptomised manner to ensure that pnrconverter works quickly and efficiently even when connections are slow

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